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DGI maintains and operates multiple fabrication facilities, individually dedicated to
carbon steel or stainless steel fabrication using ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 Codes.
We also fabricate specialty metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Hastoloy and Incoloy. Some of our capabilities include:

Pipe Spool Production
Fabrication of Pipe Spool (up to 48” diameter) is performed in our facilities and can
include pipe, flanges and fittings mounted before delivery to the construction site
ensuring ease of installation.

In addition to Pipe Spools, we fabricate Pipe Supports, Electrical Supports, Pre-
Engineered Structural Steel, Instrumentation Assemblies, and Plumbing Assemblies

Multi-disciplinary approach
We offer multidisciplinary construction, combining structural and equipment
installation, insulation, painting, electrical, instrumentation and controls for skids,

  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) U, PP, S and R stamps
  • Strict compliance with AWS (American Welding Society) methods and certifications
  • In-house CWI’s also establish ASME Section IX weld procedures
  • Qualified Visual Examiners
  • Pipe diameters from 1/8 inch and up
  • CNC Profiler
  • Pipe and Vessel Wall Thicknesses from .065” to 1” thick
  • Pressure ranges from less than atmospheric to 10,000+PSI
  • Ability to write and qualify additional procedures for different materials and specific applications on an as-needed basis.